Hire an Organ

This can be for a single day event. or a long term if your instrument is under going repairs.

We are pleased to offer you a selection of our instruments for hire. This can be for a single day event such as the upcoming concert for Dartington Community choir Click here for info or for an extended period when a pipe organ is undergoing repair, such as the 2 manual custom Mander organ  at Coychurch Crematorium  Click here for info

We understand that each instance will require its own unique set of parameters, so we welcome a personalized conversation to tailor our quote for you.

The cost of hiring an organ will very much depend on several factors:

  • The location of the venue
  • The difficulty of access to the venue
  • The length of the hire
  • Whether or not speakers or amplifiers will be required
  • If any special equipment is need for example scaffold towers for speaker placement

We also have an emergency hire option where we guarantee to have an organ in place within 24 hrs. Please contact Aled Rees or Tony Packer for your requirements. 

Phone: 01792 721 499

Email: hire@viscountorgans.wales